The Girl from rural villages of Dharmapuri, the Boy from tribes of Assam, the Teenager from the depths of Congo, and the Grandma from the Spain should be able to digest the latest news from trusted and authoritative news sources like Guardian, BBC, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), New York Times (NYTimes) , Techcrunch, & Nature Magazines.

The goal of Evera is to make thought leadership available to all - by breaking the language barriers!

Listen to The World!

The world is smaller and at your finger tips – All credits to Internet. Tons of information is publicly available and easily accessible to all. However, the content on the Internet is still created, curated, and distributed in a small sub-set of languages. The asymmetry is skewed in favor of languages of rich, developed nations.

About 56% of the Internet website content is in English, 10% in Russian followed by French and German content. These are important content like science, economy, business, and world news content. However More than One Billion people speak Mandarin, half a billion speak Hindi followed by Spanish and English.

Let There Be Light!

This is creating content, more specifically - Thought Leadership Bubbles in few languages and many of younger generation in developing nations, who are not fluent in English Language are being deprived of this content. They are either forced to learn English, which is a costly and many times non-affordable affair, or not realize their full potential.

Evera is all about bridging this gap and empowering education, knowledge to all - breaking barriers of languages and geography.


New Aggregator

News.. News.. News.. Everywhere! Who doesn’t like News Aggregators.

Evera is your personal radio station telecasting news in your language

Vernacular News

Let Evera bring you a custom, personalized , Audio news feed for you in your language of preference!

How Cool Is That !!


Evera is compatible with all voice enabled devices like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Center and others. Never Compromise. Connect with World. Understand Better

Trusted Content

Latest world news from trusted and authoritative news sources.

Evera makes Thought Leadership accessible for all

Limitless Opportunities

Get Creative. Share the World.

Connect with new world. Share More. Learn More. Understand Better


We are proud to deploy the latest Cloud, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to bring you the best and most user friendly product


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Now get to listen to all the worlds content - news, blogs, journals, business, science - in your language!


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The Dev Team

All of this would not be possible without our awesome team

Bharathi Masilamani

Founder & CEO

Jack of many. Master of none!

Naman Agarwal

Mobile App Developer

React, Android, iOS are my cup of tea!

Arjith Natarajan

Software Developer

AWS, Cloud, Node, API Development are my cup of tea!


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Go to Google Playstore and search for Evera app or Evera Audio News App and you can download the app into your Android phone. You can also follow this link to go app page in Google Playstore. We have not yet released the app in Apple iOS appstore. We are working on it and expect to be release it soon
At present we are supporting 6 languages. We have plans to rollout support for 20 languagues in total soon. More languages will be taken up in 2021.